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Clan Rules

Post by Conan on Wed Oct 29, 2008 8:56 am

Rule #1 - Be legit. Hackers make me cry on the inside. Hacking after being told to stop will result in a perma-ban.

Rule #2
- Have a good attitude. I don't want noobs who cry or say something when they die. For example *die* "omg i was doing ____" or "omg noob" or things to that extent.

Rule #3 - Don't be a noob. Don't spam the clan chat (ESPECIALLY BEGGING), though friendly banter is always good for sparking conversation.

Rule #4
- Interact with your clan mates as much as you can! You're in a clan for a reason! ;o

Rule #5 - LEVEL +30, PING -100.

Rule #6 - Don't be a cheating noob. If you cheat in a game, you make the clan as a whole look bad. If someone cheats in a game, here's the steps you take:

  1. Kick the cheater(s) If that doesn't work.
  2. Leave the game

Stooping to a cheater's level just makes you look like a noob yourself. I don't want noobs in my clan, tyvm.

Rule #7 - Watch the language. Believe it or not, there are children in this clan. Keep it G-Rated!

Rule #8
- Have fun.

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