The purpose of a forum

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The purpose of a forum

Post by Conan on Mon Dec 01, 2008 4:37 am

Many people do not seem to understand why we have a forum, so I've decided to post an insightful description of a forum.

A forum is a medium of information exchange. Be it useful information, or just random messages. That being said, it's kind of like a static messaging system. You post, and the post remains there even when you log offline. This is important as it allows you to pass messages to people who are not online at the same time. Using a forum, we are able to communicate information about the clan, and the clan members. You'll be able to find out when our events are, and how to participate. You'll also be able to learn more about the clan members, and are given the ability to communicate with them. Remember, not everyone's able to come online at the same time, so a forum is a method of breaking the ice with other members that you don't know much about!

So yeah, post on the forum as much as you can! That way you let other Lithe members all about who YOU are. After all, if you're not you, you're someone else.

I've bolded and highlighted the important points of this message


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